Local Meetings & Practices

See our Facebook group for the latest monthly meetings, practices, revels, and other events. We currently have Heavy Weapons practices twice a week, Rapier (Light) practices once a week, Archery a couple of times a month (some hosted by the nearby shires of Sangre Del Sol and Sea March), and other ongoing classes and meetings.

What are these Events!?!?

Fighter's Practice - Armed (Heavy) / Fencing (Rapier/Light) is practiced. Crafting and Armor-making occurs when not on the field fighting, subject to whom comes to practice; specialized crafting typically coordinated on Facebook Group prior. FIGHTING NOT MANDATORY, but is encouraged. 

DO NOT FORGET TO HYDRATE YOURSELF. BRING WATER. BEWARE THE SUN. Bring your own seating, and if fighting, bring protective athletic equipment (ie cups [gender-specific available and required to fight]), and closed toe shoes. Watch our Facebook page for cancellations.

Renaissance Dance - Friendly and fun gathering of various Period dance styles with Period musical accompaniment when available. Bring comfortable shoes, and prepare for a jovial time! Sometimes medieval songs learned as well.

Business Meeting - Open to all, mandatory to officers. Discuss the ins and outs of group's organization/function. Highly recommended for those seeking to assist in a more direct fashion (currently seeking Deputies!).

Newsletter Meeting - Creative minds gather to coordinate a newsletter that is sent digitally (sometimes paper). All parts of it catered towards all of us "Living the Dream" together be it an article on Period Rapier Armor, How to Camp for your first event, or What is a Seneschal after all? (These are examples, not actual articles).

Bardic Circle - Bring a musical instrument be it handheld, or your voice as we sing songs, poems, stories, and let all our creative voices gather at this muse-inspired event! Good manners, and an open mind suggested. 

Scribal Nights - Illumination, Calligraphy, and the arts of the written craft are performed here. Tools recommended, but not needed. 

Revel - A micro-festival conducted by a local group where food, bardic activities, and fighting occurs on a humble level. A celebrated gathering for one and all! Volunteers / Contributions welcome and conducted through our Facebook Group or contacting the event Autocrat (typically an Officer).

*All events are open to everyone!

Past Events                                                                                                                                             

December Events

12/19 - Ex Opus - Southern Regional Arts & Sciences Virtual Event

(ZOOM address to be announced on Facebook page)

Event Steward: Lord Guillermo de Cervantes, mka Richard Sullivan

Class Steward: HL Cera Wricht, mka Kim Stopher

Florida Supercon Demo

Tournament of Three Ships 2019

Tournament of the Three Ships 2018

ExOpus 2017 (Shared Event)

Tournament of the Three Ships 2017

Tournament of the Three Ships 2016

Tournament of the Three Ships 2015

Shrewsbury Harvest Faire 2014

Tournament of the Three Ships 2014


Other Events

The Shire also regularly participates in other events hosted in Trimaris, which can be found on the Kingdom Events page.