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Klassen (Classes)

(tentative and constantly being updated)

Beading 101 - Lady Margarita di Rossi 
Basic knowledge of beading as embellishment (and how to know loose your bling).

Cover Thy Head! - Baroness Sara Sala di Paruta 

Basic Draping of a Cote/Jacket - Baroness Sara Sala di Paruta 
Cover thy head and draping are basically demos. Anyone who wants to try their hand at draping should bring about 2 yards of non-stretch woven, all the pins, and a sharpie. 

Take-Home Soap - Countess Ennelynne von Hessen 
(Limit 4 people; over 15 years old - $20 cost for each, please bring rubber gloves and eye protection if you have it)
Beginner intro to modern soap making with Period origin handout.

Weave Me Pretties - Duchess Sibilla Daine
Beginning weaving - how to warp the loom and weave a basic trim.

Throw Another Flatbread on the Fire - HL Enise bint Oghuz
($5 materials fee; class limit of five active participants; no costs or limit if you're just watching)
As yummy as it sounds - sorry all - gluten overload to come.
Make, bake, and enjoy flatbreads from three different cultures. Carbs don't count if you're at an event!

Brew a Bier or Make a Meade - Red Elder (May become liquid at the end of class - we will see...)
Because you don't brew mead, and you don't make beer.

Speer & Dolch (Spear & Dagger) - Count Daniel von Hessen
Spear and Dagger - Killing at a distance & up close and personal.

Cutting Arrows (from the Skye) - Jarl Ari Tyrbrandr
How to not hate combat archers quite as much, or at least to not bad mouth them as often.